Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A song for an emotion...

What is your favorite song?

I remember this famous question during high school days when a classmate of mine asked me to sign in her authograph notebook. Authograph signing is quite "in" during my high school times and later on it evolve and found its new name, the scrapbook.

But the question still lives on until now. When you sign up for friendster account, create your own blog site, etc. you can find this question. I think this is one way of knowing the likes of one person or for whatever purpose.

I also have several favorite songs. In fact, if i'm feeling sad and lonely i have a certain song to listen to. If i'm in love, i do have several love songs also which i guess i can relate. Whatever feelings or emotion i have i have certain songs dedicated to it. It somehow helped me. It became my constant companion already.

Choosing a song, i only have two preferences, the lyrics and melody. I'm not very aprticular with the artist because for me they are all fantastic.

These two songs speaks of my love to the man i truly love.

"I will be here for you" by Michael Smith

"I'll stand by you" by The PretendersStand by

This is quite an old song but to all those women who love their men all the way, this song is somewhat appropriate.

"Stand by your man" by Tammy Wynette

And if you lost your love and found it again, these songs' for you, from the movies The Notebook and Somewhere In Time

"After All" by Peter Cetera

"Somewhere in Time" - check out Martin Nievera's version

For the broken hearted.

"(Without you)What do i do with me" by Tanya Tucker

"Broken Vow" by Lara Fabian

For the once broken hearted but learned their lessons.

"Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson

For those who are tired and wants to give up,

Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the Wheel"

For those who have taken for granted the love of thier lives and somehow realized it in the end, these song is appropriate for you.

"I still believe in you" by Vince Gill

"If tomorrow never comes" by Ronnan Keating

Also included in my lists of my favorite songs are "All i ask of you" by Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson from the movie Phantom of the Opera, "Somewhere in Time" from the self tittled movie Somewhere in Time, "Angel" and "Better Man" by Robbie Williams, and not to forget the tagalog song composed by Louie Ocampo with a very meaningful lyrics, "Ikaw" sung by Martin Nievera and a lot more.

I also have collections of piano instrumental songs. It's my theraphy. If you'd like to know more about it, i can give you more information. Also, if you have some songs in mind, i am very much willing to know about it. Share some.


A! said...

OH lovelyn.most of the songs are my favorites too. I do not know ur that senti also. My other divertion in life is music..so much that I cant live without it.

Lovelyn said...

Good to hear that we have the same good taste of music...hahahaha.. yeah i'm kinda senti and romantic when it comes to music...it's my therapy...

Manila real estate said...

This is a song that talks about the many underlying emotions of people. Can you name a song that can help alleviate the stress that many businessmen are facing right now?