Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beyond forgiveness is restoration

Have you ever been betrayed by someone? If yes, How's your relationship with that person going on now?

Im sure many of us experienced being betrayed. It's throbbing especially if we least expect it from the person responsible and if the person did it mean so much to us. Forgiveness seem so bleak and impossible. And all we could think of is to get even to ease the pain.

But do we feel satisfied if we are able to get back to the person who caused us misery and pain? Isn't it heavy inside if we always carry the grudge? Sure it's not easy to forgive and forget. But it's not easy also to dwell with the pain, and you always carry it in your heart. Letting go of the pain means forgiving. Forgiving the person who wronged you means you are willing to restore back your relationship with that person.

"But i can't do it. It's impossible!" Yes, you can say that. But with God, nothing is impossible. I wanna share to you something i read from my daily devotional book, written by Harold Sala entitled Today Counts.

When General James Edward Oglethorpe said to John Wesley, “I never forgive,” Wesley answered, “Then I hope sir, that you never sin,” But is forgiveness enough? Does God want me to go beyond forgiveness to restoration?

For some, forgiveness is enough. But the truth is, you really did not forgive the person because you cannot forget what that person has done to you. I think God wants us to realized and understand how important it is to forgive and even go beyond. As what Dr. H. Sala defined forgiveness and restoration:

Forgiveness means you give up your bitterness and hatred for what someone has done. Restoration means reconnecting and re-establishing a relationship with the person who wronged you.Forgiveness is a mental act; restoration is an emotional one. Forgiveness means ending the war; restoration means going back home. Forgiveness means you cease hating your enemies; restoration means you re-establish a relationship with them.

It may be difficult to do at first but somehow the feeling of being forgiven and be able to forgive is paramount. God is so great that no sin is not forgiven only if you bend your knees before Him and ask for it. God Bless.

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