Monday, October 22, 2007

December and Depression

For many people, December is not really a good time of the year in spite of the bonuses, wonderfully-lighted Christmas decorations and the merry caroling. Some either get panic or depressed. The financial stress of the season dampens their holiday spirit. The month of December and depression seem to go together.

What really makes December (for some) depressing?

The real problem is a sense of disconnection and loss. Maybe you won’t be home for Christmas, or there may be no home to go to, or your family has disintegrated. Who wants to buy gifts when you don’t know whom to give and no one to celebrate with? Who wants to listen to Bing Crosby singing “I’ll be home for Christmas” when one is alone?

What do we do? Write off Christmas?

Part of the answer lies in rethinking what Christmas is all about. It is not just about family, food and gifts but a God-connection, which means that His Son came to earth to touch you at the point of your loneliness. Focus on the real meaning of Christmas. To help yourself prepare and beat the December blues, here are some guidelines that might help you.

PLAN AHEAD. As of today, there are less than 60 days until Christmas – you still have enough time to plan your activities. Take a sit with a calendar and do the planning. It works best.
PUTTING THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE. You are not a superhero so you can’t do everything, decide what is important. Don’t tire yourself too much on elaborating your decorations. The more simple things are the better.
REMEMBER THAT JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. If you have children, make sure they know that the true reason of Christmas focuses on the manger and that the jolly-old-fellow in the red suit. If you are planning to send Christmas cards to family and friends that are miles away, make sure that the message says what you want it to say – that through God’s Son, He is our light through a dark world.
FOCUS ON PEOPLE. For every lonely person 9which may include yourself), there’s another person somewhere who feels just as left out as you do. Reaching out to others, you can beat the December blues and feel better when the New Year rolls around.

Have a blessed holiday season to everyone!
Note: Some information are taken from the book of Dr. Harold Sala's Today Counts


Anonymous said...

For many, December is surely depressing if the Christ of Christmas is not known(Jesus is the reason for this season)!

Nice post! :)

Lovelyn said...

Hi Joel.. yeah for somechristmas is really depressing if they do no tknow the real meaning of it...

Looking forward to my christmas alone with Christ!

God bless

Anonymous said...

Feel the spirit of Christmas and the true/real meaning..
for the moment, just leave d things that makes u sad & depress. Christmas is fast approaching..
BE happy =)Be thankful of our Savior.


parisukat said...

its so true, some people get too caught up in thinking how, where and who will they be spending xmas with..

Lovelyn said...

Hi NanC. Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah you're right, we should always be thankful.

God bless

Lovelyn said...

hi parisukat, thanks for dropping by.

I guess, some people forget teh real meaning of christmas that is why some of them get caught up and end up exhausted.

God bless

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