Sunday, November 04, 2007

All Saints and Souls Day in the Philippines

One of the most awaited holiday in the Philippines is the All Saints Day and the All Souls Day which falls every November 1 and 2. In this time of the year, it falls on the friday and saturday of the month so everyone was so excited for the long weekend vacation.

On these two holidays (All saints and souls day), it is already a tradition here in the Philippines that we visit the graves of our love one/s who passed away. Most families would go to the burial ground together, bring some food and will have a picnic there and even stay overnight, as you can see in the pictures below there were a lot of tents and some brought pillows, blankets and more foods. Some also, they take this opportunity to be reunited again. So it's like having a family reunion in the memorial park. This is not unusual to some but it already became a traditon and infact some party organizers will take this opportunity to host a halloween party in the memorial park itself. So instead of grieving and feeling melancholic, it is the other way around. Everybody is in happy mood in spite of the lost of a love one.

The pictures taken below shows that we Filipinos are really attached to each other even to the one who passed away. May it be a distant relative, someone close to our hearts, a family friend, friends, or someone that we cannot forget, we see to it that we find time to visit their grave during those days. Ofcourse we do not remember them only on those days but those are the only times wherein we can be together with our family and friends especially this time that it falls on the week ending days.
The truth is, it is my second time to spend all saints and souls days with my family and friends as i am always away from home and been always busy with work. So it is one wonderful opportunity to be with my family and friends, and at the same time visit my friends and love ones who passed away in their grave. Also, it is my opportunity to go home again after a year of being away from and working hard.
When you are in the Philippines, every celebration is wonderful and fun whatever the occasion is.

Looking forward to next year's holiday... :)


suchsimplepleasures said...

it looks so wonderful and festive!
hey...thanks for joining my neighborhood! i'll see you around bc!!!

Lovelyn said...

Hi suchsimplepleasures. Thank for the comment.

Yeah, you're right it's wonderful and festive. Sad to say i was late for the costume party forthe kids.

God Bless