Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fixed Handshake

There are a lot of variety of videos posted in you tube. Just choose your category, channels or community. I am really amazed as to how CNN come up with this kind of website. And you see it works. For some they just upload videos for fun and some for advertising and promotions. There were videos that are truly hilarious. But most of the videos are truly entertaining. Just like this video that I am sharing to you. It is funny really. Have you think and wonder what if this will happen to you? Yes, in real life. What if you shake the hand of someone and then suddenly you can’t take off your hands. You’re both stuck with each other. And the only way out is to cut off your hands. Ouch! What a spell! If this will happen to me i surely don't know what to do. But this might lead to another medical history. Nothing's impossile with medical experts. Sure tehy will be able to find ways.But this is just an assumption or what you call "What If".

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