Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Three Words

Most of us would always find ways to show to our family, friends and love ones how they mean to us and how much we love them. Some would even spend money and do some extra efforts. But your effort will be more effective if you involve saying just three words. These three-word phrases has the power to build up new relationship, intensify the old ones and even serves as a healing tool to a wounded relationship and can even bring back the sweetness to your relationships that have soured.

These three-word phrases are the only few that i have known which i believe can be a great means to help build up and nurture your relationships.

  1. LET ME HELP. "A friend in need is a friend in deed." Friends need not to be ask to help. They just do it without being told.
  2. I UNDERSTAND YOU. Letting your partner know-in so many little ways-that you understand them can bring healing to your relationship. We enjoy being with someone if we understand each other well. Just take for example this three letter word, HUH. In my own interpretation this means two human beings must have understanding, if U is missing, you can never tell what H_H means.
  3. I RESPECT YOU. This is another way of showing your love. It conveys the message that the other person is the same as you are. You give respect you also earn respect from others.
  4. I MISS YOU. This powerful affirmation tells your partner they are wanted, needed, desired and loved. I am definitely sure more marriages could have been saved and strengthened if and only couples will heartily and sincerely speak these three words. This can also be applied to any relationships.
  5. MAYBE YOU'RE RIGHT. These three words is a very effective and proven is neutralizing and even diffusing an argument. Saying "maybe you're right" is simply admitting "maybe i'm wrong" and this can give you the opportunity to explore more on the subject of your discussion and eventually will give you the chance to express your point of view in a way that the other person can understand better.
  6. PLEASE FORGIVE ME or I AM SORRY. All of us are vulnerable to faults and failures and we should never be ashame in admitting our mistakes. Our relationships can be restored and be healed if we would admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. This can only mean that we are more wiser today than yesterday.
  7. I THANK YOU. Do not take daily courtesies for granted. Saying thank you is another way of telling the person that you appreciate what he/she has done to you. If someone feel pleased when you thank him/her how much more if someone has thanked you also.
  8. COUNT ON ME or I'LL BE THERE. A true friend is one who walks in when others walk out. Loyalty is an emotional adhessive that make the bond of two people stronger. When troubles come, true friends are always there. Being there to another person is the greatest gift we can give and it feels really comforting to hear the phrase "i'll be there."
  9. GO FOR IT. God has given each and everyone of us dreams, dreams that are unique to that person only. Support and encourage your friends to follow their dreams. Even to your partner, supporting them in pursuing their interest is also one way of telling them that you are proud of them.
  10. I LOVE YOU. This is definitely the most important three-word phrase that you can say. It satisfies the deepest emotional need of a person. The need to belong, to feel appreciated, and wanted. Your spouse, your children, your friends and you, need to hear these most powerful three-word phrase, "I Love You."


Self Improvement said...

"I get it" is a favorite of my girlfriend and I. Letting someone know that you really see their point and that you understand where they are coming from.

Lovelyn said...

Hi self improvement, that is another three word phrase.thanks for sharing

A! said...

'I appreciate it'- is another three words that conveys a meaningful message to someone who were given some help, complemented or being recognized.
These three words you've shared here lovelyn are words implicates a lot of things...obviously reminds me to freely express those three words without hesitant. Now, I'm saying this three words to you... 'i appreciate it' that you shared this here. Good points!

Lovelyn said...

Hello Ai.

Thank you. I thought of sharing this because it might help someone out there. It had help me too... :)

God Bless!

Ed said...

I love it! 3 words of encouragement when someone puts their heart into something!
Grace and Peace,

Lovelyn said...

Hi Ed, thanks for dropping by and for the comment. Thanks also for sharing the 3 word phrase. Its an additional to my list.

God bless