Thursday, September 06, 2007

My first sketch inspired by Somewhere in Time movie

I’m sure for movie fanatics this face is familiar to them. For those who don’t have any idea this is the famous face of the lady in the movie Somewhere in Time starred by the late Christopher Reeves. Yes I draw this. I’m not really into sketching but I can draw if I have a subject as basis. I cannot really just sketch something that is out of my imagination.

But what makes this sketch unique is the frame. This is made of old newspapers. I have to admit I have some talents in craft making. And one of my past time is doing some crafts (turning trash into treasures) or making bracelets out of beads. This art work of mine is very memorable to me because this is my first sketch and the movie has touched me very much. And I really love the movie theme song, also the movie title, Somewhere in Time. The piano version is very sentimental and the lyrics are so profound. Take time to read the lyrics. I know the movie is quite old but i still sob whenever i watch the movie again and again. I can't get enough of it. The fact that the movie is all about the true love of two people and how they fight and keep their love till the end of time. That is why the movie is entitled Somewhere In Time because they continue their love affair somewhere in the right time.

Somewhere in time,
We’ll share one love, one life
And with each gentle touch
I know this much, it’s true
And when we kiss,I see forever,
and in your arms,I’m lost, you find me again.

No words, no writes,
Describe this pain inside,
No matter how hard I tried,
I die inside, to let you go,
To say goodbye m
y heart breaks forever
Somewhere in time,
I know we’ll meet again

You're in my heart you’re in my soul
And if you go away from me
I can’t let go.

Until the end, I know,
We’ll meet again
Somewhere in time


maneesh ( said...

thts a really neat sketch for a first timer...kudos..

n u ve given me enough reason to check out the movie.. havent seen it yet

Lovelyn said...

Hi Maneesh,Thanks.

And if you see the movie already you can share your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I love that movie "Somewhere in time", the beautiful lady there is Jane Seymour opposite the late Christopher Reeve. The movie theme song is a classic too, both music and lyrics. The movie reminds me of N. Sparks "The Notebook", one of those great love stories.You have a beautiful sketch there:)

Rolando said...

Very cool. Love the movie and the music. Good choice for a sketch!

Lovelyn said...

Hi Rolando, Thanks. It took me 2 hours to finish the face and another 1 hour for teh eyelashes alone. :)

Mermaidgirl said...

Beautiful sketch! If you love the movie, you should definitely read the book its after, "Bid Time Return," I think the author is Richard Mattherson. A must read!

Lovelyn said...

Hello mermaidgirl, Thanks. I'll try to look for that book.

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