Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My precious FIFA miniature soccer ball

After the success of FIFA World Cup, our Big Boss gave all of us a souvenir FIFA soccer ball ofcourse signed by him. When i received my 2 soccer balls i can't help but be thankful to him. I am proud of it. This is one of my most treasured possesion. My friends would even like to buy them but it is priceless. I can never buy such in the market. It's so cute. How i wish i can let David Beckham sign on it. Who knows?

You might wonder where's the other one? Well, i have never inflated it. I just put it on top of my television the way as it is. It has faces of the athletes legendaries also an adidas endorsers. One of them is David Beckham. Yeah. Admit it. He is famous and rich. I just love him, and i start to have an interest on soccer football becasue i work with adidas and because of David Beckham. Never mind what achievements he has achieved now or how his life after the relocation and team-shifting. For as long as he will be playing the way he does and perform as expected.

Photo curtesy of adidas You see, he still look great and look man enough. For sure you'll love to have one of this shirt he's wearing. Not to mention i got a few of his adidas clothing designs. Just for some souvenirs. :)

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