Friday, August 03, 2007

The art of my signature

I've got nothing much to do. I grabbed my pen. The red one. I started to scribble few lines. I just wrote down anything that comes in to my mind. It went none sense. For the past half and hour, i've been writing, erasing, revising, erasing again until i find myself drawing a line. It has a shape. Yeah funny. It looks so funny, yeah?

Then, i went on scribbling, hoping i could formulate an interesting story. Or anything that has sense. But still i find my self erasing, revising, erasing again, crampled the paper, start again, but i cannot come up with even a simple short story about what and how my day went was. Then, a picture of a sunrise pop up in my mind. It was perfect. I tried to draw it but i could not get the right picture. And to my surprise, this is the result. It is far from the one that is in my mind. But i am quite satisfied with this.

Finally, after signing some papers that are due in my table, i thought of doing something out of my signature. Well, most of them would comment on how i scribble my signature. The normal is you start from left to write just like the normal writing. But mine is quite different. I start from right to left. And they say it's unique. I thought so. And i actually discovered it when i was still i college. If i will tell you more about it, i will run out of time and you might get bored. After consuming 4 bond papers i come up with my final piece using my signature. I guess i can consider this as an art.


Syaf The Geek said...

Wow the 3rd one is beautiful, how did you do that? hehe I don't think I can do that. That is so spontaneous, cool :)

Lovelyn said...

Thanks. I did dit when i was in college attending an afternoon class. To get awaken, i tried to keep myself busy by doing something unique out of my pen and came up with my signature.