Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is the fragrance of your attitude?

How do you define success and when can you tell that you are successful? Quite complicated right? There are at least six synonyms that are closest to the word success, achievement, accomplishment, victory, triumph, winner and sensation. And the only and best antonym I could find is failure. When someone tells you you’re a failure it hurts so badly as if you want to stop living because it feels like you’re useless. But when you have done something better, like making other people’s lives a little bit well, rarely can recognize it. Helping others is an achievement so it can be considered success. Meaning, success is a continuous process. You can never say you’re not yet successful because a little help you extend is already considered success.

After reading the book Attitudes that attract Success by Wayne Cordeiro, I have learned that attitude can be so powerful and it can also be devastating. It all depends on us as to how we approach every difficulty in our lives. Others consider difficulty as an opportunity and others find it hard to take one more step in every difficulty. In every situation, our attitude is most likely the one that will bring us up or destroy us forever. As what the author of this book said; “Our attitude is like a lei. Each of us has one, but we have the choice of what we are going to string together to make up that lei. If you string together a collection of dried fish, everything starts smelling fishy! If you string together old socks, the whole world has this funny odor to it. Your attitude is like a fragrance you carry around with you. The difference is that skunks carry a bad odor while a beautiful Hawaiian plumeria blossom carries a fragrance. Whether you like it or not, each of us carries one of the above. You choose which it will be.”

Friends, if you want something that will make your life 100% successful, a positive attitude will help you. Our attitudes are like rudder of a ship. You will either be ruled by the rudder, or you will be ruled by the rocks. We’ll always be faced by problems. Just don’t give up no matter what.

A poem by Kent Keith is so much appropriate for us. Read on.

People are unreasonable,
illogical, self-centered.
Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse
you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you'll win
false friends and make true enemies.
Succeed anyway.
Honestly and Kindness may make you vulnerable.
Be honest and kind anyway.
The good you do today may very
well be forgotten tomorrow.
But do good anyway.
The biggest people with the
biggest ideas can get shot
down by the smallest people
with the smallest minds.
But think big anyway.
Give the world the best you got.
You may very well get
kicked in the teeth for it.
But give the world the
best you got... ANYWAY.

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