Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Global Warming: What can we do to help save mother earth?

I never heard this "Global Warming" thing until i saw Al Gore's presentation in one of Oprah's episode. It was scary to see the ice melting bit by bit and i couldn't imagine the animals living there will die and disappear. Islands will be gone and the body of water will become larger. Some state will be separated from the other and more disastrous thing will happen if we will not do something. I have the option not to care and ignore this thing but as human being and living in this planet i think i am responsible to take care my environment. I know it's never too late to do somethig to help Al Gore's crusade against global warming. I think this is not just for Al Gore's sake but thanks to him because he took courage to do something to inform us about what's going to happen in the future. This is for our own sake and for our future children's sake and thier children.

What can we do to help save mother earth? Actually we can do a lot of things. It's not necessary to spend money to be able to help. The following are my suggestions and i think it is not hard to practice these things in our home.

1. Manage properly our garbage. We have to stop burning garbage left and right just to get rid of it.
2. Plant trees. If your backyard is not big enough for tree planting then you can start growing ornamental plants using pots. You can even have indoor plants. These can help regulate the air and provide more oxygen.
3. Recycle, recycle, recycle. If you don't have any idea about recycling things, the internet can give you handful of ideas. turning trash into treasure is a good hobby and will even give you monetary benefits.
4. Be vigilant for those who are smoke belchers. And check your own cars.
5. Love your environment and show some concern. If you do you'll find yourself doing things to help save mother earth.

When you click on the link below, you can watch the predicted happening when global warming becomes worst. actually it is bit by bit happening now. And as of Auguts 23, 2007, there are 89, 028 people who had viewed this video. I hope, they too have thought of doing something to help save the earth.

Another link below which portray the situation will be if global warming will become worst. That is why a lot of women are wearing dresses that show more of their skin not because they want to flaunt or flirt but because the weather is becoming warmer. If we do not do something, might be the day will come that most of the peole will only wear undies. And the world will become chaotic.

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