Friday, August 24, 2007

Beijing 2008 Olympic Countdown

One of the highlights of our company’s newsletter for this month is the countdown kicked off in Hong Kong for the Beijing 2008 Olympics which started on July 31st. Billboards are now posted in the streets of Causeway Bay and Fa Yuen in Mongkok. The streets now look so colorful with the alive posters of adidas highlighting Beijing 2008 Olympics. This is also a message of support from adidas to the Hong Kong athletes to win the golds and bring the bacon home. Hong Kong citizens also participated in the event and gathered their signatures in support for the Hong Kong athletes, telling them to do their best to win the game. The countdown event held at Times Square, Hong Kong’s famous shopping malls, was graced by some famous celebrities and famous Hong Kong’s athletes. adidas staff ofcourse are present in the event including some of our big bosses. Indeed the party was successful and full of fun. Although I was not there to witness the event I still had all the details. (Yeah. Glad to be a part of adidas Group).

After winning from the votations (among 5 cities that are nominated to host the 2008 Olympic) since 2005, Beijing China and its neighboring cities prepared a lot for this grandest event. One of the main preparation they made is creating sculptures that will be displayed in the main cities and its neighboring. The committee of the event (social cultural activity for the 29th Olympic Games) received 2, 433 pcs or sets of designs from 82 countries around the world who. There will be expert judges that will choose the winning designs plus the public votations as well. The sculptures will then be displayed as landscape schemes for the said Olympic Games. At present there are about 290 sets of landscape sculptures displayed inthe northwestern part of China, and will still continue untill the end of 2007. Of course one of the many will stand out as the best landscape sculpture ever for 2008 Olympic.


mohd mazdan said...

hye there..
olympic 2008 is around the corner..
and for suer it still give a lot of oppurtunities to host country-China!!!..=)

Lovelyn said...

Yes you are right. And i think China has a lot more to offer for this event. That is whta we are going to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

i want to share some chinese words that i have learned & understand.

ni hao ma? (how are you?)
zao shang hao! (good morning)
xia wo hao! (good afternoon)
wan shang hao! (good evening)

xie xie ni. (thank you)
bu ke qi.. (welcome)
hen hao... (fine)
hao de. (okey)
shi! (yes)
bu hao... (no)
chong xin lai ( come again)
xiang ni.. (miss you)

wo ai ni (iluvu)

peng you, lao shi 'coz he is a good teacher and a friend of mine. hope u learn also.....

xie xie!

Lovelyn said...

Thanks for sharing what you have learned...