Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Will Run to You

Two of the guidelines i have read in my daily devotional book Today Counts by Dr. Harold Sala is entitled 'A Sense of Purpose' and 'The Definition of Life.'
Most people spend their lives searching for happiness - money to buy everything they want, good friends, big houses, luxurious cars, the right job, even finding Mr. and Ms. Right. In their quest for searching happiness, they end up in gloom and disparagement. Just like the voice of Solomon, who said, "Vanity of vanities! All is vanity." This only means that whatever it is that makes life sensible or valuable cannot be bought by money nor money itself, nor all the luxury in life.

As what Dr. Sala wrote, if God's Son came for a purpose, and His death wasn't wasted, then there has to be more to life than just living, loving and enjoying. To really live, love and enjoy, you need a sense of definition,a sense of purpose.

In case one of you is looking for the definition of your life, the Bible alone can answer to all of the serious questions about the definition of life. If you are trying to ask yourself, "Who am I?" the bible is all you need. And if you are still confused as to "Why am I here?" the bible has the answer.
The Bible says we are made in the image of God, it already proves that our lives has a meaning, a purpose. The next step that we are going to make is to find out how God wants us to live and finding out His purpose for us. Living life in God's will leads us to the right way to His purpose.

Coming home to the Father allows Him to give you guidanceso you can love, live and enjoy. It's the only way your life will have a sense of purpose (Dr. Harold Sala).

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